How Much Does A Mattress Cost?

Purchasing a high-quality mattress is essential regardless of the reason for the purchase.  Whether you are sleeping on a mattress that is nearly a decade old, you are waking up with pains and aches, or you get a better night sleep at a hotel than your own bedroom, buying a mattress is one of the things that have a high impact on your sleep experience.  How much a mattress cost varies depending on various factors including material composition, size, type, height durability. The mattress that you go for will depend on how much you value your sleep. This article goes through how much a mattress cost.

How much does a mattress cost?

Most people actually mean the price of a good bed. Today, the price of mattresses ranges from as low as one hundred fifty US dollars to as high as more than five thousand US dollars. For most shoppers, they can find the mattress that they need for less than a thousand US dollars. For you to get the best mattress sales, you should begin your search with durability and comfort in mind. One of the factors with the biggest impact on the cost of the mattress is mattress type. The prices of latex, form and hybrid mattresses vary significantly from each other. Water beds, futons an innerspring are the cheapest followed by memory foam, hybrid, latex, and adjustable air beds.

Average Mattress Costs

Different types of mattress have different price tags. These average mattress costs are for queen size bed.  Per Dennis Pork, who is the founder and CEO of Best Mattress Reviews, foam mattress ranges from three hundred and twenty-five dollars to one thousand four hundred dollars from twin to king. Latex mattresses cost ranges from four hundred and fifty dollars to five thousand dollars. Innerspring mattress cost around a hundred dollars to two thousand five hundred dollars. Hybrid mattresses are available at an average cost of about two hundred and fifty dollars to four thousand dollars.

Form Mattresses Cost Factors

Foam mattresses are made from high-density foam that perfectly conforms to your body when sleeping.  Though comfortable and supportive, they hold up heat making one hot at night.  Foam mattresses are either made of a single type of form while others are made by a combination of two materials. Polyfoam and memory foam are the most common materials used. One of the cot factors for foam mattresses is foam density. The foam density is equivalent to durability. The lesser density foam mattresses are cheaper and less is hence advisable to buy a higher density foam mattress that is more costly but durable and long lasting.

The form type also determines the price of a foam mattress. Memory foam is long-lasting and more expensive while polyfoam is cheap and less durable.  Some of the memory foam mattresses that come with pose distinct layers such as latex and cooling gel go for a higher price than the simple memory foam bed. Regardless of this, these blended designs come at a sensible price. You can use polyfoam as a topper for an existing mattress which will work better. Lastly, form airflow is crucial when buying a foam mattress. An added aerated foam layer acts as a cooling factor. Such special forms alleviate the price higher.

Latex Mattresses Cost Factors

natural latex

Latex mattresses are similar to foam mattresses but use latex foam in place of memory and polyurethane foams. These mattresses are made of either synthetic or natural latex. Though some people find them less comfortable, they don’t heat up like foam mattresses.  Synthetic latex mattresses are less expensive compared to natural latex that involves a costly manufacturing process.  More so, both the natural and synthetic latex mattresses are produced by either Talalay or Dunlop process. The Dunlop process produces a denser and heavier mattress while the Talalay process produces more modern mattress with support layers. Talalay latex mattresses are more expensive than Dunlop mattresses. The cost of a latex mattress is also affected by the overall mattress thickness. The thicker the latex, the higher the price tag.

Innerspring Mattress Cost Factors

Innerspring mattresses are the traditional coil mattresses. The quality of the innerspring mattress depends on the number of coils, whether the coils are found in individual pockets and the padding quality.  Mattresses with coils placed in individual pockets are more expensive than those with nothing between them. Depending on the preference of the sleeper, paddings are made up of layers of different materials.  The more coils contained in the mattress, the more expensive the bed is. Even though a high coil number makes the mattress more costly, it is no guaranteed of great comfortability.   You should also establish the gauge of coils used in the innerspring mattress you want to buy. Lower gauged coils last longer and are more costly while higher gauged coils do not last long and are cheaper. The material of the layer between the coils and you also affects the pricing. If a segment is made of latex or high-quality foam, it will be more expensive while it will be cheaper if it made like the traditional mattress.

Hybrid Mattresses Cost Factors

Hybrid mattresses are designed to provide the best of both foam and latex world. They use a combination of coils with foam and latex. The coil form acts as one layer while the latex or foam layer being at the top. Larger coils are cheaper as they occupy more space than smaller coils. Flexible micro gauge wire is used to make micro-coils that gives the mattresses flexibility and perfect conformation to the body. The higher the coils quality, the higher the price. Hybrid mattresses with unique cooling technology or made of natural latex are more expensive. Simply, besides the type of coils, the price is determined by the factors mentioned in foam and latex mattresses.

In conclusion

A mattress is a worthwhile investment. However, you should not break the bank to purchase a bed.  If you need a new mattress, it is possible to get a good one without having to stress yourself financially. Having a mattress that is comfortable and has perfect support gives you a better sleeping experience. No price tag is worth more than good sleep.

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